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john: that's the type of shot that mistakes you realize why so many people over the years have talked about this guy as a potential grand slam champion. he could win it all. that when you get that ball, not a lot of pace on it, you could really hurt your opponent. bill: doesn't seem no have his head wrapped around it if he needs to to get to the quarters needs to to get to the quarters here.
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bill: monfils gets the better of that exchange. john: he's got great speed. it's going to be awful tough to pull this off. and gasquet, while he's athletic and he moves well, he's not in the same league. jim: there you go. gasquet opening the court up, playing the soft angle volley, recognizing he hurt his man and carving him up with the angles there. beautiful. look at this one.
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just outside of the ball. deadens it. no follow-through. too cute. bill: he's starting to look over to his coach there, gabriel markus saying this guy is too fast for me now. this is the shot. a dropped volley from behind the service line. jim: and he's moving away from the net there too. bill: so easy in this booth. john: yeah, that's true. bill: [laughter] bill: [laughter] . >> out!
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bill: point to hold. john: monfils sometimes gets himself in trouble when he doesn't recognize the opportunity prevented to him, to really take charge. he doesn't want to let gasquet back in this. his level of play is not what you would expect from him and it's slip from the beginning out match. he's gotten worse as the map has gotten along.
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bill: i haven't been able to discern a game plan from gasquet. he's playing from what i see haphazardly and i think that's sometimes frustrating too when you don't have that clear mindset as a player, what you want to do, you can kind of get lost in the moment in the match. and not in a good way. i mean, that point wasn't really well designed. he just decided to react to that opening and try and rip that forehand winner. so i like it when he uses his tactics and tries to open the court up. he shows his guile, but against gael. but he's not -- jim: there's no doubt he's confused out there. bill: yeah concept that's just ridiculous. he got broken with four unforced errors. he broke himself and he's about to break himself again. bill: he's one of these players when things are not going off,
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gets faster and faster. it's running away from him. saves a break point. john: this is a big game for gasquet. he's got to show some more effort and heart here. you know, dig in. not beat himself. jim: sometimes in a situation, you can't relate to this, but it helps to get out of yourself and refocus. john: i don't know anything about that. jim: i know. i'm just telling you. at least on the other side of the net, monfils is showing rightfully so, a lot of positive energy and some energy. he's bouncing around before these serve, trying to keep himself up and stay in the moment. but gasquet is sort of moping a little bit.
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bill: well, there's your play. it's not a bad play either. butchered the passing shot. so cibulkova has broken bat. she just left the court over svetlana kuznetsova. keeping you up to date on that match as well as the action here at armstrong. another game point. john: that's a good play for gasquet to serve that volley. he often chips that return.
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she did report earlier in this tournament that she was pulling out of doubles because of achilles pain. she had broken back against kuznetsova who was dominating this opening set. kuznetsova three and double faults in a break game and cibulkova on serve 5-4. let's go back though battle of the frenchmen, gasquet and monfils at louis armstrong. bill: dick, thank you very much. the edge is definitely on the man who is about to serve, gael monfils. he serves it 2-1. john: these guys feel so much pressure at the french the way murray does in england -- oh, the boy he seemed to yesterday. talk about laying an egg.
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got to hand it so wawrinka though. tremendous match. bill: monfils has looked good. john: that's the shot that's going to win him a big event if he's able to do that consistently. bill: there are times when he can look lethargic out there. but seems to be extra motivated against gasquet. john: that's true. that's a good point. that's what he's capable of. that's why i think he should never stand that far back. he did that in france. he got a couple of sets on murray the first round. and blew that two sets to love lead. monfils played a match at the french that went later than any match that's ever been played. it was so dark out there. jim: that was crazy. john: it was insane and they were still playing. which is why the france are thinking about a new stadium and
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lights. jim: either that or issue night visioning go tolls the players. bill: and it gets dark later too. near 10:00, something like that? john: it was a couple of mens before 10:00. jim: more racket switching here from monfils. jim: they really lose tension quickly from what i'm used to. so perhaps the tension is dropping a little bit after seven or eight games and they need to shift it around. i'm merely speculating but that's what we do up here. bill: just got word that dominika cibulkova has a strained left hip and she left the court to have it taped up. so she's back. that's the word there.
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john: so maybe what? a pound. one of the racket is 60 pounds. after seven or nine pounds, depending on when they switch, you figure might go down a pound . that's a very finely tune. jim: you never see anyone break any strings anymore in the game. because everyone's playing these polly strings and everyone's switching on the ball changes. it's rare when you see someone pop a string in competition. john: that makes me feel a lot better. i didn't break a string. you hit such a flat ball. you spin the ball, you create more friction on the string and with the gut, you would fray the
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strings. these poly springs don't fray. they just bite into each other but they don't break too often in my experience. bill: for every guy out there, they're using a combo of the gut and poly. davydenko is the only player with the year he's had that uses gut still. very few guts. bill: gasquet with the hold but still down a set and a break here in new york. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between.
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bill: gael monfils, waiting for everyone to get settled. up 3-2 in the second set. very steady so far from monfils. john: steady. i'm going to give him a b-plus grade. sense school's starting up. get those kids starting back up in school. bill: [laughter] john: i'm going to give gasquet a c-plus. if he went in and talk in the teach, he might get to a b-minus, but he's not playing well enough or consistently enough. and he doesn't look like his
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head is as into it as it needs to be so far. an hour into it to pull off the upset. that shot drives me absolutely crazy watching gasquet do that. the previous service game, he hit a couple of big returns when he steps in and he puts himself in a defensive position he's got move. he'll get tired. he's running a lot more from back there. i don't -- i don't know why he keeps doing it. jim: there you go. that's the play. especially if you can hit the ball it's not like you can't do it. john: gael pulling up lamely after that slide. jim: that's why you don't slide all the time to me, on hard
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courts. you are asking for trouble. the strain that you put on your knee and your ankle. bill: because there's no give. it just stops abruptly. jim: that except feel good. bill: clay, you just keep sliding. even grass. here, it strains all of the joints. 15-30 on opening. >> out. john: and you can see on monfils' legs, both of them taped underneath the knees. that's typically for players who have tendonitis issue. that's meant to keep that kneecap in place and keep everything still and quiet. but you could see just the amount of destruction those
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knees can sustain on a hard court the way he throws himself around. there's a lot of violence in his movement. jim: there you go. bill: some good depth. and that's a recipe for success for gasquet. finally, it's starting to get with the program. john: can he do it consistently if because the crowd's rallying around him here. jim: must have been his first break chance. bill: crowd wants to see him get back into this match. john: looks like he's going to stand way back for the serve. bill: oh, he got it.
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got it. back on serve. john: well, he's fortunate that he's playing some of his also naturally defensive-minded. so it's rare for monfils to really step forward inside the baseline. so when he does choose to stand way back, the odds are he's going to get in the point. as long as he doesn't do too much running during it and can get a short ball and be aggressive like he did in that game, he's got a shot. and he's back in this thing. jim: monfils had a forehand return to serve there that he could have pummeled. sam querrey could have pummeled and it he chose to play just a rally shot and it cost him. bill: the other thing when you watch monfils in addition to his athleticism, he's got a huge wingspan. long arms. and he can get to a lot of
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balls. john: he's 6'4". and then you throw in the wingspan and just dynamic he's had. and he's a blanket on that court. jim: he's got some hops. he could do the 3600 the basketball court, make us tennis players look good. well struck ball. inside the baseline. john: this is the type of shot he's got to take advantage of and he's starting to do that. he's got one of the best backhands you're ever going to see. well, this match-up is really old school tennis vs. new school. gasquet, you know, a little bit more slight. kind of a typical timberwolves build, six feet, about 170 pounds. that's sort of what we've seen over the years in tennis. but now, height, speed, come into the sport in a big way.
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the first player that i saw that was big and fast was safin. he was really the transitional player i think. and now you've got players like monfils, you've got tsonga. raef is a smaller guy but he's a brute out there. berdych, these guys. jim: hope he comes back soon. can't even defend his title. john: that's sad. jim: i like that move by gasquet. he moved forward. john: so he's starting to get into it and make some good decisions out there. bill: 40-50. big serve. easy service game. on serve in the second 4-3.
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the car hit the brakes faster than i could. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. bill: well, it's lunchtime here in new york and there are plenty of food options here at the usta billie jean king national tennis center. everything from hamburger, hot dog, lobster rolls. and you can get it all. noodles. chicken ticka ma sala. john: burritos. bill: burritos, a staple with our crew. ma monfils, 3-4.
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john: he's getting it now, monfils is. he's getting it well. bill: let's check in quickly with dick enberg over at arthur ashe stadium. dick: this has been a crazy one, bill macatee, with kuznetsova who won this title six years ago. totally in command. she broke with cibulkova and had chances to break and couldn't do it. and now he's double faulted a set away. and meanwhile, cibulkova being treat for a strained left hip. the set, a pure donation from kuznetsova, 7-5. that's the story here at ashe. back we go to armstrong. viva la france. bill: all right. cibulkova, if she could continue will be up a set when they resume play. 30-15 here.
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3-4, second set. john: now monfils has got to take it to gasquet. it will be interesting if he's able to do so. he's tightened up the last couple of games now the pressure's on i'm for the first time in the match. that serve's going to save him. he's got seven aces already. he's doing a good job off that serve. using that six-foot, four-inch frame. bill: serving at 66%. 72% for gasquet. that serve such a great weapon. it's 4-4 now. crowd starting to get into it a little more. john: this is a knowledgeable audience here in the big apple. and this place was filled up when these guys came up at
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11:00. be nice if they produced their best stuff. this crowd knows how talented these two frenchmen, these 24 years old are. jim: now we talked a lot earlier in the tournament about the heat and humidity that affected play here. and monfils was asked about it and how he respond to it and although he was born in paris, he said you know, i'm from the caribbean. his father's from guadeloupe.
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bill: nice rally of the match. finally gasquet forces the error. john: gasquet tried to force monfils in. he wouldn't come in. but he just pushed two straight balls. and gasquet won the longest point out match there with some solid effort. bill: we're going to step away now and return with more tennis after a word from your local cbs station. you're at the usta billie jean king national tennis center. it's labor day on a beautiful day in new york. back with more right after this. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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